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BTU Kuplika Cup

Beyond The Ultimate

BTU Kuplika Cup


These cups were first produced for our Ice Ultra race and given to runners at the finish line, filled to the brim with warming reindeer stew.  We've been inundated with requests to produce more, so we've worked with the designers to produce this limited edition BTU cup. 

These ecological travel and bushcraft cups are durable even when it’s -30°C outside. They're light and can be cleaned easily by hand or in the dishwasher when back at home.

The carbon footprint of the manufacture of Kupilka products and Kareline natural fibre composite is zero (0 kg CO2-eq).  The products are made from a natural fibre composite which favours the use of renewable energy sources. The wood for the material comes from the certified forests in Finland. Both the products and the material are manufactured in Finland using EKOenergy.

  • Volume 210ml 
  • Weight 83 g
  • 60 x 93 x 165 mm