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Beef Stew with Pearl Barley

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Slow-cooked British beef with potatoes, celeriac and carrot. Served with soft pearl barley. 

A British Classic
Beef stew is a classic farmhouse dish packed with some of the best produce of English fields: beef, vegetables and pearl barley. We slow-cook our beef with a spoonful of tamarind to create a depth of flavour. Our potatoes and celeriac are finely sliced, adding just the right amount of bite to this winter favourite.

Weight: 110g (regular) / 165g (extra-large)

Calories: 520kcal (regular) / 780kcal (extra-large)

Water usage: 280ml (regular) / 420ml (extra-large)

Ingredients: Beef mince (30%), potato, celeriac, carrot, onion, celery, pearl barley, olive oil, beef stock, salt, pepper, treacle, cider vinegar, cornflour, tamarind, thyme.

Allergens: Celeriac, celery, pearl barley


Per 100g Regular (110g) Extra large (165g)
Energy (kcal) 473 520 780
Fat 21.8g 24g 36g
  of which saturates 0.5g 0.6g 0.9g
Carbohydrate 41.2g 45.3g 68g
  of which sugars 8g 8.8g 13.2g
Fibre 7g 7.7g 11.6g
Protein 28g 30.8g 46.2g
Salt 2g 2.2g 3.3g

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