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BTU Endurance Rag


BTU Endurance Rag

£20.00 £20.00

Call them rags, snoods, or even neck-tubes, these simple but extremely versatile bits of kit are an ever-present staple in everyone's adventure kit. The BTU Endurance Rag, produced by Yeti clothing, is ideal for adventuring in colder environments. 

The tube can be used to cover your neck, lower face, forehead or however else you choose to wear it.  As it's so lightweight, you can travel with it easily, either wearing it or packing it away for another day's adventuring.

Fabric: Moveskin

Moveskin is a high-stretch technical fabric feeling very soft and at the same time offering a very distinct freedom of movement, hence the name Moveskin.

Moveskin fabric is based on microscopic recycled coffee particles which are implanted in the fabric and therefore cannot be washed out. The coffee particles offer a high breathability and has a built-in ability to transport moisture from the inside and out.

Moreover, coffee is well-known for its ability to control odour and Moveskin, therefore, acts as a powerful odour barrier – a perfect feature for high-performance fab

  • 4-way stretchable
  • Highly breathable
  • Odour barrier