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Posh Pork and Beans

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A hearty British breakfast of potato and pork baked with three types of beans in a tomato sauce.

The Breakfast Club
We wanted our breakfast to be worth getting up for — delicious low-fat British pork mince, three kinds of beans and crisp potatoes, all in a dark and sticky tomato sauce. With the heat of tabasco and a zing of fresh ginger, this is our twist on the classic Full English. This is a hearty and warming breakfast for the days when only a taste of home will do. Children also love it, making this a firm family favourite in Firepot's Dorset kitchen.

Weight: 135g (regular) / 200g (extra-large)

Calories: 510kcal (regular) / 710kcal (extra-large)

Water usage: 350ml (regular) / 500ml (extra-large) 

Ingredients: Minced British pork (27%), beans (haricot, berlotti, adzuki), potato, onion, tomato ketchup (tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, salt, spices, celery), black treacle, tomato puree, garlic, Tabasco (vinegar, red pepper, salt), ginger, rapeseed oil, mustard powder, salt, pepper.

Allergens: Celery, mustard powder.

Per 100g Regular (135g) Extra large (200g)
Energy (kcal) 378 510 755
Fat 8.4g 11.4g 16.8
  of which saturates 2.7g 3.6g 5.4g
Carbohydrate 49.3g 66.5g 98.6g
  of which sugars 20.4 27.6g 40.8g
Fibre 11.3g 15.3g 22.6g
Protein 26.1g 35.2g 52.2g
Salt 1.1g 1.5g 2.2g


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